Tuesday, November 28, 2023

New Canadian-made armored vehicles boost Ukraine’s defense arsenal

The Ukrainian military has received a batch of the latest Canadian-manufactured armored vehicles – Senator MRAPs. The soldiers have expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback about these vehicles, which are enhancing their safety while carrying out their missions.

The military notes that, unlike the previous version, the new armored vehicle has improved mine protection, which provides additional benefits when performing various tasks on the battlefield.

The new Senator MRAP features a V-shaped hull designed to minimize the impact of explosions. This design incorporates a pronounced V-shape that redirects the blast wave and fragments away from the vehicle, reducing the likelihood of severe injuries or fatalities among passengers. This construction helps absorb and disperse the explosion’s energy, further enhancing the vehicle’s resilience to blasts.


“You feel safer when you know that there is special protection against Russian mines under your feet,” said one of the soldiers who is currently operating the armored vehicle.

The Senator MRAP is built to withstand calibers up to 7.62×39 mm API BZ at a range of 30 meters with a velocity of 695 m/s. It can endure the detonation of a 6 kg explosive charge, such as an AT Mine, which activates when located beneath any wheel or under the center of the vehicle.

The armored vehicle is designed to accommodate up to 10 passengers and offers a high level of protection against explosive devices and ambushes, ensuring the safety of the crew.

Both military personnel and engineers have praised the new armored vehicles, with one service specialist remarking, “The Roshel Senator MRAP is a fully war-ready vehicle.”

Ukrainian experts emphasize that it surpasses earlier Ford-based models of armored vehicles.

These Senator MRAPs represent a critical enhancement to the Ukrainian military’s operational capabilities, ensuring greater safety and mobility during their missions.

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