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New batch of upgraded Abrams tanks ready for delivery to the U.S. Army

During U.S. Senators visit at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio was spotted e new batch of upgraded Abrams tanks that were ready to delivery to the U.S. Army.

According to Mackenzi Klemann from The Lima News, U.S. senators visited the tank plant and Senator Portman saw first hand the production and employment increases going on at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center.

U.S. Senator Robert Portman’s latest visit to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center stood in positive contrast to past tours: Employment is growing. More contracts are on the way. And the federal defense spending for Abrams upgrades and Stryker vehicles has steadily climbed in recent years.


“This is a good news story because here we are at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center and see more work coming in, more people being hired,” Portman told reporters Thursday. “It’s great to be here on the plant floor and actually see a lot of activity, because I’ve been there when there wasn’t much activity. … Now you see new products coming online and the possibility of more.”

Hiring has been underway for some time and is expected to peak around 900 in 2020 under current contracts.

“JSMC is increasing the production of upgraded Abrams tanks & modernized Stryker vehicles, which will not only strengthen our national security but benefit Lima and our local economy as well,” said Robert Portman.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) also posted photo from the visit that showed production line of new Abrams and a batch of ready to delivery tanks.

According to latest media reports, the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio is ramping up to deliver the service’s first full brigade of the latest variant of Abrams tanks to the U.S. Army.

With the bases version of Abrams tank, the latest M1A2C (also know as M1A2 SEP v.3) is now being mass-produced at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima.

The newest version of the M1A2C Abrams tank is considered the most technologically advanced digital tank in the world with superior firepower, protection and mobility, Army’s officials said.

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