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Middle East countries expresses interest in 8×8 Phantom-2 UGV

A growing number of countries have expressed its interest in the improved 8×8 Phantom-2 unmanned ground vehicle.

The improved 8×8 Phantom-2 unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) with a light version based on the 6×6 wheeled platform was displayed during the Unmanned System Exhibition (UMEX) held in Abu Dhabi from 25–27 February. The UGV was developed by experts of Ukraine’s state-owned defence holding, UkrOboronProm.

In 2017 using the hybrid warfare experience UkrOboronProm engineers worked to create e new version of the unnammed tactical multipurpose vehicle designed for reconnaissance and surveillance missions, fire support which is provided by heavy machine gun and guided anti-tank missiles and other means of damage.


Phantom-2 is a unique unmanned wheeled modular complex with the possibility of creating an entire family of vehicles based on the platform including unmanned combat vehicle, a special unmanned ground vehicle for medical evacuation, intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance/electronic warfare complex.

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Phantom-2 has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 2600 kg with the possibility to mount various types of weapons (machine gun, grenade launcher, ATM, etc.) and additional modules.

The vehicle is already available with heavy remote-controlled 80mm rocket launch system. It is also equipped with remote control weapon station was armed with a 23 mm machine gun.

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The Phantom UGV is controlled by a secure radio channel with a maximum range of 10km from the operator or from a fibre optic cable up to 5km from the operator.

The improved UGV attracted the considerable interest from the participants and guests of the exhibition. According to the results of participation in an international exhibition became aware of interest by officials from the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and a number of countries of North Africa.

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