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Mechanism of innovative defence technologies development in Ukraine

In our current environment, we may confidently assert that there is a low probability of independent commercialisation of products in the defence industry of Ukraine. Such assertion concerns private companies and developers having interesting ideas and sufficient experience to implement projects.

Such situation is primarily due to the climate remaining from the USSR epoch, the economic environment in the country and, surely, the barrier connected with the lack of trust implying the risk to loose intellectual property rights to own inventions and related economic benefits. Moreover, the defence industry is a sophisticated system consisting of engineering, management, marketing, certification and design documents, which makes it difficult for separate companies or individuals to synchronise such system.

The Innovation Development Platform operates through building of a transparent model of innovative products development, and relies on the advanced global experience. Irrespective of their roles, all team members are provided with the true and accurate information in respect of all stages of project development.


Successful implementation of such projects, as Fantom unmanned armoured vehicle, Anser and Sparrow UAVs, etc., signifies clear and consistent steps allowing for adjustments required to enhance efficiency and commercialisation of the final product.

From Idea to Finished Product

To have your idea implemented in cooperation with the Platform, you should pass the following stages:

  1. The developer’s application is filled out at the Company’s website, or you may get a blank application to be filled out and sent to our mailbox.
  2. As soon as your application is received, analysts of the Platform accomplish the expert assessment of the project.
  3. The analysis of existing risks and the technical and marketing analysis are the next step.
  4. The investment engagement stage commences after successful previous steps heretofore mentioned.
  5. This stage provides for working prototype creation and tests of such working prototype.
  6. Batch production and sales of the product are the next stage.
  7. The follow-up aimed at product improvement and product variety enhancement.

We cooperate with scientists, researchers and designers who originate innovative developments in the defence industry and require a comprehensive support of their projects implementation.

We also work with private and strategic investors, investment funds interested in financing of hi-tech developments of military and dual-use products.

The following steps are provided for investors:

  1. Access to the catalogue of innovation projects
  2. Choosing of the project for financing
  3. Signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  4. Discussion and approval of the cooperation terms and conditions
  5. Signing of the Investment Contract
  6. Financing of the project

The Innovation Development Platform creates the environment that offers numerous advantages for each party and stakeholder involved.

A developer is supported from the time of project commencement until the relevant product is offered for sale, receives the information in respect of the domestic and global market demand, may integrate any existing development into other projects, and has the opportunity to speed up the idea transformation into a finished product.

For investors, we offer the high-quality and technology-based selection of innovation projects, professional project planning and implementation management, joint financing and risk allocation, and comprehensive marketing of the finished product.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please, feel free to enquire for further details at +38 044 333 60 63, or send your enquiry to our mailbox and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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