Monday, June 27, 2022

In Russia, are developing a new UAV «Frigate»

The «Frigate» multi-mission, tiltrotor unmanned aerial vehicle the development of “Kronstadt Technology” Russia.

The new drone configuration will comprise of 2 tilt-rotors which will be active during all of the flight phases and also one rotor which will be just active during the VTOL and hovering phase at the tail of the glider.

The speed of the UAV will reach 600 … 700 km/h. The UAV «Frigate» can be used to solve problems of air reconnaissance and delivery, will be able to carry up to 1700 kg payload at take-off of an aircraft and up to 1000 kg – with vertical takeoff. The maximum altitude will be 8000 meters, expectancy – about 10 hours.


Features UAVs “«Frigate» :

  • Wingspan – 19 m
  • Wingspan with folded consoles – 10 m
  • Height – 3.1 m
  • The flight duration – 10 hours
  • Practical range – 5000 km
  • Max. payload at take-off of an aircraft – 1700 kg
  • Max. payload for a vertical take-off – 1,000 kg
  • Max. fuel mass – 2400 kg
  • Take-off weight (vertical rise) – 7000 kg
  • Flight speed range – 0 … 600 km / h
  • Maximum height – 8000 m

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