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I am Navy Medicine: Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Marc Gasbarri

A passion for helping others is a quality a Sailor from Truckee, Calif., has possessed since he was a child.

To fulfil those supportive values, Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Marc Gasbarri enlisted in the United States Navy to enter the Navy Medicine field.

“I have always wanted to help people and be the one they turn to when in need,” said Gasbarri. “I have had that trait since I was young and made the choice in high school to work in medicine and haven’t looked back since.”


Knowing he wanted to work in the medical field, current events at the time influenced the Truckee High School 2010 graduate – and Rutgers University radiologic imaging graduate – to pursue his avowed goal within the military.

“Like many others I enlisted at a young age thinking to do my part during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. From day one of basic training I fell in love with the military and wanted to be part of the heritage that came with it and through my nine years of service I have not found anything else I would rather do,” he said.

After serving as a general duty corpsman assisting other health care professionals in providing medical and dental care to Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their families, and performing other duties that aid in the prevention and treatment of disease and injury, Gasbarri decided he wanted more. He jumped on the opportunity to become a radiologist technologist and was able to train and learn alongside all service branches making for a memorable experience.

“My most exciting assignment came when I was conducting my clinical phase of radiologic technologist school where I was assigned to the Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio,” he said. “There I perfected my skills and specialized in trauma medicine imaging and surgical imaging. I was challenged physically and mentally but I encountered the best training and experience I could have. The aspect that it was shared through multiple military branches shows the drive for an altogether force in this nation.”

As a newly minted radiologic technician Gasbarri checked aboard Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command (NMRTC) Bremerton and quickly put his expertise to work. He identified a way to improve the capabilities of the hospital, rolled up his sleeves and went to work upgrading the Radiology Department’s equipment.

Due to Gasparri’s efforts, the hospital upgraded x-ray capabilities by installing a new high-tech x-ray system called the Samsung GC85 with AccE Detector. The new system is considered top-of-the-line as a premium ceiling digital radiography system. It can provide an advanced low-dose imaging experience and streamlines workflow which helps save time to focus on improved patient care.

“This system now fully functional puts NMRTC Bremerton at the forefront of medical imaging,” said Gasbarri. “We now have one of the most state-of-the-art and technologically advanced systems to ever come into patient care.”

The upgraded equipment includes auto-positioning capable of moving to more than 500 exam positions and a motorized receptor tilt for easy positioning. There is also an auto-tracking option which allows for synchronization of the movement of the tube and detector which automatically reduces repetitive workflows.

“This provides the radiologic team the capability of working at a faster pace giving patients more direct and accurate diagnosis and reporting for their treatment,” he said. “This system is so special because of its features and ability to be reprogramed to the needs of the facility.”

It also boasts an enhanced load allowance, is dust and water resistance, has real-time shock sensing, bone suppression to support diagnosis. Gasbarri also said it allows the detector to be actively used in different environments.

“For example, we specialize in a lot of orthopedic imaging here,” he said. “When patients are unable to hold a position or support themselves to acquire a proper image, this system can be programed to work around that and still acquire any series [of imagery] needed, all while reducing the possibility of additional injury to the patient.”

Gasbarri’s commitment to patient care has not gone unnoticed. The hospital’s top leader acknowledged his efforts which mirror’s her principles of serving with character, competence and compassion.

“This state-of-the-art imaging machine will substantially improve patient safety, care quality, and also the overall experience of our patients and staff,” said Capt. Shannon Johnson, commanding officer of NMRTC Bremerton.

With the system up and running Gasbarri mentioned it will be a part of his career he will always remember among many other accomplishments.

“This installation and being able to see how much the radiologic team is able to progress in the field with this new equipment is very high up there in my career highlights,” he said. “But the overall best part in my career is very difficult to choose. I would truly say the pride I get when I am approached by another staff member or one of the students asking for help in imaging, or asking my opinion on how I would conduct a specific image, or what I recommend to provide the best care possible. Daily events like that truly make my work worthwhile and is a major reason I continue to want to better myself and those around me.”

Proud of his service and time in Navy Medicine, Gasbarri summed up his military career by saying, “My experience from NMRTC Bremerton and through the Navy is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’ve made great friends and learned a technical skill that provides me with a fantastic career when I decide to transition out. I can only describe my experience in the Navy as one hell of a ride.”

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