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French-made armored vehicles endure Russian airstrike in Ukraine

French-made VAB armored personnel carriers (APCs), recently delivered to Ukrainian forces as part of military aid, have withstood a targeted strike by a Russian guided aerial bomb.

Despite sustaining extensive damage, the vehicles remained operational and managed to evacuate from the strike zone under their own power.

The attack occurred at a location where several French VAB vehicles were stationed. The precise strike inflicted numerous damages on the armored hulls of the personnel carriers. However, the robust design of the VABs allowed them to remain mobile. Following the strike, the damaged vehicles were able to load onto transport platforms for repair and rapid restoration.


Ukrainian military personnel have praised the VAB’s performance, noting its resilience despite its age. The VAB has been in service with the French military for over 40 years and is gradually being replaced by the new-generation Griffon wheeled armored vehicles. French authorities have pledged to continue supplying these armored vehicles to Ukraine. A considerable number of VABs are already part of the Ukrainian military arsenal, aiding in their defense against Russian aggression.

The VAB, with over 5,000 units produced since 1976, is a versatile armored personnel carrier used in various configurations. Around 4,000 of these vehicles serve in the French military, which has deployed them in the Gulf War and multiple peacekeeping missions. The VAB is also exported to and in service with approximately 15 other countries.

The VAB features a welded steel armor hull that provides protection against small arms fire and shell fragments. The vehicle’s front houses the control compartment, with the driver’s seat on the left and the commander’s seat on the right. Behind this is the engine compartment, which contains a 320 hp six-cylinder diesel engine with a hydromechanical transmission offering five forward and one reverse gear. This compartment is equipped with a separate fire suppression system. The VAB’s independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers allows it to reach speeds of up to 110 km/h on highways, with a range of 1,000 km.

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