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Elbit Systems unveils advanced Rhino command vehicle

Elbit Systems, an Israeli-based defense electronics company, has introduced the Rhino, a new mobile armored command vehicle designed to replace traditional deployed command posts.

The Rhino offers a cutting-edge, mobile Command and Control (C2) environment that supports integrated combat scenarios at various command levels, from field commanders to higher echelons.

Unlike conventional command setups, which rely on tents and basic tactical communications, the Rhino is a fully self-contained and independent platform. It enables commanders to issue real-time directives and adapt swiftly to threats and mission objectives. The Rhino is equipped with C4I workstations, including computers and comprehensive networking solutions, and it features both satellite communications (SATCOM) and high-capacity tactical links for continuous video, voice, and data communication with field units and higher command levels.


The Rhino accommodates up to ten personnel and includes two commanders’ posts with space for four technicians. It serves as an advanced command shelter capable of connecting with other units, thereby enhancing the network of mobile command options across the battlefield. This integration allows each vehicle to focus on specific tactical needs, whether logistical or combat-oriented, thereby streamlining command and communication processes.

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George, a spokesperson for Elbit Systems, highlighted the advantages of the Rhino, stating, “The mobility of these command-and-control platforms significantly reduces their vulnerability to enemy ambushes compared to stationary headquarters, which are more prone to attacks.” Additionally, the Rhino can be equipped with armor compliant with STANAG Level 4, providing enhanced protection against missile strikes and other threats.

A senior official from Elbit Systems’ C4I Division emphasized the importance of robust, field-deployable communication and command platforms for higher levels of tactical command. The Rhino’s expandable Command and Control Shelter offers exceptional protection and accommodates nearly 30 workstations equipped with advanced technology essential for managing wartime scenarios. This shelter serves as a vital communication link between field tactical forces and higher command levels, extending all the way to central headquarters.

Elbit Systems’ C2 shelters are notable for their rapid deployment capabilities and enhanced durability, offering significant advantages over the simpler tents previously used. The expandable C2 shelter features generator hookups, meeting rooms, war rooms, air conditioning, and NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) protection, as well as advanced communication systems that exceed the standards of typical field-deployed equipment.

The Swedish army has recently acquired Elbit Systems’ communication shelters as part of its digital overhaul, underscoring the growing demand for Elbit Systems’ technology within the C4I sector. “They are in the midst of a digital overhaul, necessitating a stable and powerful tactical communication infrastructure to support battlefield networking,” George stated.

Elbit Systems’ new Rhino armored command vehicle represents a significant advancement in mobile command and control capabilities, providing a versatile and secure platform for modern military operations. As the demand for advanced, field-deployable C2 solutions continues to grow, the Rhino is poised to play a critical role in enhancing the operational effectiveness of defense forces worldwide.

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