Wednesday, November 30, 2022

DARPA, Silvus announce next step for next-generation target recognition technology

Silvus Technologies announced that they have received a contract worth up to $13.1 million to develop a distributed beamforming solution that will be critical to DARPA’s vision.

As noted by the company, under the Resilient Networked Distributed Mosaic Communications (RN DMC) program, Silvus will develop a beamforming/beamnulling solution that will enable reliable and resilient long range terrestrial communications utilizing multiple collaborative radios distributed over large distances – an integral component to DARPA’s vision for the future of Mosaic Warfare.

RN DMC stems from DARPA’s investment in mosaic warfare, a concept in which large numbers of lower-cost systems, referred to as “tiles,” are deployed to perform complex mission functions in a coordinated fashion. By building a mosaic of inter-connected tiles, functions such as command and control, communications, and sensing can be performed with more resilience and higher performance.


Building on a proven track record of developing real-time solutions enabling distributed frequency and time synchronization, Silvus’ solution for RN DMC is dubbed Mosaic Scattered Wide-Area Resilient Network (MScWRN or M2N). M2N will enable spatially distributed beamforming and beamnulling with minimal communications required between tiles, resulting in mosaic clusters that are able to bridge large range gaps while seamlessly interoperating with the rest of a traditional Silvus mesh network.

“The reliability of long-range communications utilizing multiple radios distributed over large distances is a critical component in DARPA’s vision of mosaic warfare,” said Dr. Babak Daneshrad, Chief Executive Officer of Silvus. “The RN DMC program will enable the continued development of our M2N solution, and we look forward to demonstrating its matured operation.”

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