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Croatian light RAK-SA-12 multiple launch rocket system

Croatia-based company M Adler D Ltd. developed and producing the light RAK-SA-12 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). 

According to the company, the new RAK-SA-12 MLRS provides to deliver sudden and strong fire upon larger area targets at distances from 800 to 8500 meters.

The 128 mm system could be used for destruction of enemy personnel and material on open areas or in shelters, including: infantry, artillery in firing position or on the move; command posts, communications centers and observation posts; paratroopers or marines landing areas; roads, railways and other transportation lines; harbors and air bases.


Due to its low weight, relatively long range and rocket destruction power, RAK-SA-12 is suitable for operations on different terrain types and in all meteorological conditions. The launcher can use the following types of 128 mm caliber rockets: M91, M91A1, and M91A2 equipped with fuses RUK M92 and RUTI M94. Rocket can be used in a temperature range between -30 °C to +50 °C.

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It is worth noting that time required to convert launcher from transport to firing configuration is 1 min 30 sec, and back from firing to transport configuration is 1 minute. In doing so, RAK-SA-12’s launcher crew consists of five soldiers, commanded by group commander.

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Main transportation method is towing by truck and can be transported by truck, railway, ship or aircraft. The empty launcher can be towed at speeds up to 80 km/h on asphalt roads, up to 50 km/h on macadam and up to 25 km/h on a terrain. The loaded launcher can be towed at speeds up to 60 km/h on asphalt roads, up to 40 km/h on macadam and up to 15 km/h on a terrain.

Photo by M Adler D Ltd.

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