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Chinese inventors develop electromagnetic rifle

Chinese inventors are developing a real-life electromagnetic Gauss rifle for riot control, according to a video recently shown on state-run China Central Television.

A new video shows a portable electromagnetic riot rifle developed by Chongqing Jianshe Industry (Group) Co Ltd, part of the state-owned China South Industries Group Co Ltd..

Chinese media reported that the new electromagnetic rifle uses nine coils to accelerate projectiles, which are stored in a magazine behind the coils. Unlike traditional small arms that fire round bullets, the electromagnetic gun shots projectiles are shaped like a coin, as the gun is designed for riot control rather than causing lethal damage.


“Coin-shaped projectiles will less likely cause penetration damage, have a larger spread, which makes the gun more suppressive, and are easy to manufacture at an inexpensive price,” Lei Fengqiao, an employee at Chongqing Jianshe Industry said.

A rail on the top of the gun allows it to be equipped with scopes and calibration devices of the operator’s choice to assist in aiming, Lei said.

Surpassing the rate of fire of traditional rifles, which is about 700 to 800 rounds per minute, the electromagnetic gun’s top rate of fire can reach several thousand rounds per minute.

In a firing test, the electromagnetic gun easily destroyed wooden planks, beer bottles and car windows, had low noise and little muzzle flash, gave off no smoke or bullet shells, and had low recoil, Chinese media reported.

Lei said that electromagnetic launch technology is characterized by high stealth, which is the direction of development for future weapons.

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Daisuke Sato
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