Friday, November 25, 2022

China’s Southern Theatre Command receives light-weight Type 15 tanks

The 75th Group Army of the People’s Liberation Army has recently taken delivery a battalion set of light-weight Type 15 tanks.

Last week, the spokesman of the Chinese Defense Ministry confirmed the inducted into 75th Group Army service of a new Type 15 light tank.

The 75th is one of China’s ‘Southern Guardians’ with responsibility for protecting the southern coast, defense journalist Sam Cranny-Evans said on Twitter.


The Type 15 light tank is a Chinese third-generation light tank operated by the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force, as a replacement for the antiquated Type 62 light tank introduced in 1963.

The Type 15 is designed to fulfill the requirement for a lighter, more mobile modern tank that can effectively operate in highland/plateau, woodland and water-rich regions where the heavier Type 99 and Type 96 main battle tanks might have difficulties traversing.

With a powerful engine, the Type 15 lightweight main battle tank can effectively operate in plateau and water-rich regions difficult for heavier tanks, and with its advanced fire control systems and 105 millimeter caliber armor-piercing main gun, it can outgun any other light armored vehicles at high elevations.

Furthermore, the 81st Group Army of the People’s Liberation Army also received new Type 15 tanks.

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