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Arquus to showcase Scarabee light armored vehicle at IDEX 2021

Per an Arquus press release, the French armoured vehicle manufacturer will be showing up at the International Defense Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) weapons expo in Dubai with a next generation light, armored 4×4 vehicle designed for reconnaissance, scouting and support missions.

The company will present the new Scarabée vehicle, which was designed in partnership with French SMEs and start-ups (95% French suppliers).

The Scarabee is designed specifically to facilitate the collaborative work. Its interior layout, designed to accommodate four people, is intended to allow optimal communication between crew members, reinforced by the Battlenet vetronics system. Seated in a forward central position, the pilot benefits from a 270° direct vision.


The Scarabee’s architecture was specifically thought to facilitate the maintenance in operations, with an easily removable power pack and a simple access to all components for all-day operations.

The Scarabee is equipped with an evolutive, ballistic and mine protection depending on the mission profile. Designed for collaborative combat, the Scarabée is able to carry a wide array of systems such as multi-purpose RCWS, multi-caliber cannon, RGL cameras, MMP (or MILAN) launchers, anti-drone systems, radar…

The Scarabee is able to operate with two different clearance levels: high, for off-roads mobility, and low, for stand-by or air transport. It is equipped with an independent rear drive, which allows for a minimal steering radius and offers extreme mobility in urban environment, or in combat in cluttered zones. It is capable of moving in “crab” motion, offering several unprecedented tactical options.

Photo courtesy of Arquus

Thanks to its very compact size, equivalent to that of the VB2L, the Scarabee is air transportable (C-130, Chinook, A400M). Air droppable, the Scarabée is compatible with the LTCO12 platform. In this configuration, it can be ready to fight within 15 minutes after the drop, according to operational standards.

The sliding side doors allow continuity of access during the airlift, enabling to complete the vehicle’s configuration directly inside the aircraft, which increases the speed of projection.

It is capable of performing air landed assault missions, with personnel on board and weapons ready according to standards, allowing the securing of strategic points. It can thus ensure the capture of advanced positions, and the securing of airstrips, ahead of the airborne or airtransported units. Thanks to its high mobility, it can also guarantee the units’ safety on the rear or the flanks.

In addition, earlier in June 2018, Arquus officials said that Scarabee is to be proposed for the French Armed Forces VBAE program, part of the Scorpion global modernization initiative.  Also, Arquus is expected to market the Scarabee to export markets in Eastern Europe and Africa where a number of nations have requirements for new 4×4 vehicles.

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