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Vietnam plan to begin jointly producing an anti-ship missile

According to the report of the Group of Russian tactical missiles (KTRV), they were transferred to Vietnam at least 3 partners designs for different missile variations at the request of Vietnam.

Yet clearly the capital contribution rate of Vietnam is how much, but the information is known to the missiles will be produced in Vietnam with very large numbers, up to almost 3000 KCT-15 missiles. Vietnam will also have the right to export to any country in need, like India with Brahmos missiles.

Can easily find KCT-15 (anti-ship missiles) and launching the external appearance very similar to the 3M24-E (Kh-35E) Uran-E anti-shipping missiles by Russia produced.


So, after appearing the information from 2013 on whether Vietnam entered Russia missile technology transfer Uran-E to forward themselves in water, then this is the first type of anti-ship missile ultimate officially appear.

According to some military experts, the Uran anti-ship missile-E by Vietnam produced can be applied the latest technology on the Uran-UE.

The most notable of the Ural-UE is due to be fitted with a new, complementary guidance mechanism by reference via satellite as well as the optimization of the orbit, so although the missile and warhead size does not change but the range of the Uran-UE has increased to 260 km.

For Vietnam’s KCT-15, has appeared information that the missile’s range was raised to 300 km and carry 300 kg warhead (compared with a range of 130 km and 145 kg warhead of the original).

To carry warheads weighing more than twice the figure 145 kg away, just to about 260 km of way as Uran-UE then surely discarded must be extended to have more space to contain the fuel and warheads, the engine must also be stronger and bigger new kind enough to respond.

Thus, KCT 15 anti-ship missile by Vietnam produced the new engine Ural-UE to extended range (260-300 km) and added advanced navigation algorithm both using satellites … high precision.

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