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Vietnam is considering the purchase of 28 T-90MS modern tanks from Russia

Online media Sina (China) recently reported that the People’s Army of Vietnam is considering the purchase and equipping of the Russian T-90MS, the original plan was to buy 28 units, reported by

According to the current demand, the armored forces Vietnam needs at least 200 new tanks.

Sina network that Vietnam Military Army for years not focused on modernization. This due to the fact that Vietnam should focus equip the navy and air force, while budget difficulties. So towards the army is not strong investment.


Therefore, the force increase – armored Vietnam until the present time mainly use the T-54/55 and T-62 is considered outdated in the world. Not only that, the Vietnam tank backward when compared to neighboring countries such as Thailand – the country has imported tanks T-84-T Oplot of Ukraine, China, it has equipped the Type 99 tank is considered the world’s leading modern.

To partially offset gaps in the armored forces, Vietnam has a solution to upgrade a number of tanks T-54/55. But still can not meet the requirements of modern warfare.

In the early 2000s, Vietnam is said to have intention to buy 150 tanks T-72M1 – export version of the T-72 for the Eastern European countries, no armor ERA, downgraded fire control system. However, this plan did not succeed.

Some information says that Vietnam will equip T-90MS tanks to units stationed in the northern region.

T-90MS is the upgraded version of modernization on the basis of T-90S tanks for export. Compared to the old T-90S, T-90MS is equipped with a more powerful engine with a capacity of up to 1,130 horsepower, price controls equipped automatic weapons mounted guns UDP 7,62mm T05BV-1, equipped with reactive armor eRA explosive new type of electronic system and more modern. In particular, the ammunition in the vehicle was redesigned to increase survival for crews if blasting enemy bullet inside.

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