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UkrOboronService unveils new Mobile Mortar Complex at Arms and Security exhibition

The State Enterprise “UkrOboronService”, part of UkrOboronProm, has unveiled its new UKR-MMC Mobile Mortar Complex at the Arms and Security exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The new UKR-MMC Mobile Mortar Complex (also named “Bars-8MMK”) is a 120 mm mortar carrier based on the Bars-8 multi-purpose armoured vehicle chassis.  The advantage of this systems is the ability to relocate not only allows fire support to be provided where it is needed faster but also allows these units to avoid counter-battery fire. High accuracy thanks to its automatic aiming, high firepower (6 shots per minute  – manual loading).

According to the “UkrOboronService”, the new light mortar system is designed around a battery of six mortar vehicles, a single command-and-control platform, and a supporting logistics vehicle.


The UKR-MMC needs 12 seconds to deliver firepower and only 5 seconds to be out of action. This extraordinary capability together with its logistic vehicle appearance makes Alakran a formidable weapon system.

The UKR-MMC is integrated into information exchange system on the battlefield, when mobile mortar complex gets the exact coordinates of the enemy in real time. This information can simultaneously come from drones, counterbattery radar, as well as other surveillance systems. This allows the soldiers come out to firing position, open precise fire and leave the position in a matter of minutes.

The mortar is mounted at the rear of the vehicle, in fire position the mortar is deployed at the rear of the chassis on a base-plate platform, firing 120mm rounds and sending the recoil energy directly into the ground.

UKR-MMC mobile 120mm mortar system at the Arms and Security exhibition. Photo by Dylan Malyasov.
UKR-MMC mobile 120mm mortar system at the Arms and Security exhibition. Photo by Dylan Malyasov.

UkrOboronService is a state company which major activity is the realization of state interests of Ukraine in the field of export / import of products, military-technical and special-purpose services.

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