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Ukraine developed new combat module «Vij» with 23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun

SE “Kyiv Armored Plant” (Part of Ukrainian UKROBORONPROM concern) together with  DB Caliber Ltd. – in an initiative manner – developed the combat module “Vij” with 23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun.

It can be mounted on light armored vehicles, including “Dozor-B”, greatly increasing the firepower of these vehicles.

“The module is manufactured in Ukraine, using domestic components. “Vij” is a good example of cooperation between state and private enterprises, “- said UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov.


“Vij” is designed to engage manpower, vehicles, ground facilities at the distance of 2 kilometers and air targets at altitudes up to 1,000 meters. Due to a use of modern electronic systems,the combat module is operated remotely; can be used with modern thermal imaging sights.

The use of 23-mm GSh-23L gun contributes to a high rate of fire – 3000 rounds per minute, that is 50 projectiles per second. This is one of the main features of “Vij”.

For storage and loading of ammunition CM “Viy” is quipped with box-type ammunition mechanism with capacity of 250 pcs of 23mm ammunition. It has a rigid welded construction and is attached to the back wall of the CM “Viy”.

For collection of used cartridge belts CM “Viy” is equipped with a box type cartridge belts collector.

23 mm double-barreled aircraft gun “GSh-23L” designed for firing at air and ground targets with fragmentation high-explosive, armor-bursting and armor-piercing incendiary shells.
Automation work is based on usage of the energy of powder gases. GSh-23L is equipped with a localizer, which is used for the directed removal of powder gases and reduce recoil force.

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