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Ukraine creates world’s first drone forces

Ukraine has become the first country to create a new stand-alone branch of the military dedicated to drone systems, known as the Unmanned Systems Forces.

This initiative stems from the evolving technological advancements in the war Ukraine is waging against Russian aggressors.

During the official presentation, First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Havryliuk highlighted the strategic importance of this development. “We have a strong prospect for victory in the war against Russia. This victory can be achieved through your intelligence, perseverance, and the steps you take to protect the lives and health of our servicemen by increasingly employing robots and unmanned systems in the air, on the ground, and at sea,” said Havryliuk.


Havryliuk further explained that the new military branch would enable Ukraine to strike the enemy across the full depth of the battlefield, from the front lines to the Ural Mountains. According to him, Ukraine is the only country in the world that is close to completing the formation of such a military branch.

Commander of the Drone Forces, Vadym Sukharevskyi, emphasized that Ukraine is learning from modern warfare and rapidly implementing changes. “We have shown the world today that Ukraine has moved away from a conservative approach. We have created a precedent. Thus, we are ready to dictate the rules of this war for future successes,” Sukharevskyi stated.

The new military branch’s symbol, a swallow designed by a neural network, was unveiled during the presentation. The swallow is a revered symbol in Ukrainian culture, signifying news of victory.

The Drone Forces were established on May 7, following the Cabinet of Ministers’ approval of the Presidential Decree to create this new branch of the military. This move reflects Ukraine’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology in its defense strategy.

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