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Ukraine acquires British-made mine clearing vehicle

Ukraine has acquired a huge Armtrac 400 mine-clearing vehicle thanks to donations through the “national fundraising platform” called United 24.

The Armtac 400 is designed to clear paths through minefields and provides area clearance using a motorized flail system to detonate mines in a safe manner. With its hydraulically driven 3 meter Tiller rotor, it is capable of clearing 2,400 square meters per hour (depending on terrain & operator experience). With an effective tilling depth of 55cm the Armtrac 400 is designed to destroy & withstand 10kg Anti-Tank mines.

The mine-clearing vehicle was developed and manufactured by Burwell-based Armtrac Limited company.


The Armtac 400 is remote controlled up to 800 meters allowing the Operator to remain at a safe distance while still maintaining 100% control of all the machine’s functions, or alternatively with its fully armoured, sound proofed & air-conditioned cabin (which can withstand NATO Ball at point blank range), an Operator can maintain a detailed “bird’s eye” view of demining operations in complete comfort & safety.

The Armtrac 400 has a Telescopic Boom to which different demining toolkits can be attached. This boom can be extended to clear mines and UXO in difficult locations such as on river banks and on inclines, while remaining completely stationary. This is a unique feature to the Armtrac tracked machines.

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