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U.S. Army’s tanks mistakenly drive through Romanian farming village

The U.S. soldiers on armored combat vehicles mistakenly drove through Romanian farming village in an area of ​​Fetesti, Ialomita County.

According to a report by Agrointel, the unexpected military incident occurred in the Romanian city of Fetesti. It is reported that the U.S. combat vehicles, includes Abrams main battle tanks, destroyed part of the sowing of wheat, sunflower and corn, and sowed panic among the locals.

“Farmers working on a plot witnessed a real tank invasion by crops of wheat, sunflower and corn,” said Agrointel.


People say they tried to talk with the soldiers in military vehicles, but they were ignoring them and continued advancing through farms fields.

Farmers reported the incident to the police, but state that the police came up after a while and told local people that it was a NATO exercise, and the military were taking the wrong coordinates, mistakenly entering on the private land.

According to media reports in recent weeks, Romanian and American forces came together to perform training exercises called the Saber Guardian 19.

Saber Guardian 19 is an exercise co-led by the Romanian Joint Force Command and U.S. Army Europe, taking place from June 3-24 at various locations in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. Saber Guardian 19 is designed to improve the integration of multinational combat forces.

It is also worth noting that during the incident was spotted the Abrams tank with visual modifications, which are the same size and weight of the Trophy active protection system.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Army Europe officials said that Abrams equipped with visual modifications to simulate having the Trophy active protection system take part in Saber Guardian 19.

”The visual modifications, which are the same size and weight of the actual system, are being used so that the unit can provide feedback to the Department of Defense concerning the impact of the system on vehicle maneuver, crew situation awareness, and ability to engage targets,” noted by U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs.


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