Monday, June 27, 2022

Russian Soldiers Go Native For Arctic Ops Using Reindeer And Dogsleds

Russia has big designs on the Arctic. Its forces have been very active in the inhospitable region over the last few years, showing off their high-tech gear and ability to deploy rapidly to the harsh environment.

Now it appears they are also preparing to operate on the other end of the spectrum, taking up local nomadic people’s modes of survival and transportation.

Soldiers of Russia’s Northern Fleet motorized rifle brigade are seen in these Ministry of Defence pictures and videos learning the ways of people who have lived in the frigid region for centuries.


During their training, temperatures hit -30 degrees F, and instead of warming up in vehicles or mobile habitats, they used Chums, which are the tepee-like traditional shelter used by Siberian nomadic people. For transportation, dog sleds and reindeer replaced tracked vehicles and helicopters.

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