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Rafael can turn aging rockets into high-precision weapon systems

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., has disclosed detail of a new high-precision munition development project based on an upgrade of aging unguided surface-to-surface rockets.

Rafael develops a special kit, called EPIK (Electro-Optical Precision Integration Kit), to upgrade unguided rockets such as Soviet 122 mm Grad rockets, using Image Adjustment technology as an alternative to GPS, that is prone to enemy jamming.

According to the company, the EPIK transforming unguided surface-to-surface rockets into accurate precision stand-off weapon systems. EPIK extends rocket range up to 50% and enables pixel-level hit-point definition.  EPIK implements and combines Rafael’s EO and Signal Processing capabilities of Scene- Matching technology to turn an un-guided surface to surface rocket into a precise weapon with a hit accuracy of less than 3 meters.


Upgraded high-precision munitions could use for destroying mortars, field and rocket artillery and motorized units, defeating manpower and enemy firepower in entrenchments and trenches, destroying communication lines, strongpoints and field defense constructions, making passages in defense wirings and outlook posts, destroying enemy’s back areas (railway junctions, headquarters, concentrated military forces).

The system is appropriate for rockets used by eastern European armies like the 122mm. BM-21 Grad rocket, as it can lower costs.

The product will be offered initially to eastern European and Asian countries using unguided rocket systems. Later, Rafael will develop a relatively small and complete Grad rocket array, which will include the precise warheads for sale to western armies.

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