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Poland plans to upgrade older T-72 tanks

On December 1, the Polish Armaments Inspectorate announced an invitation to participate in a market research on the implementation of the analytical and conceptual phase of upgrading older T-72 tanks of the Polish Army.

According to the, the above procedure, formally, triggers the process of technical dialogue regarding the above issue. Entities interested in participation have time to send applications by December 12 of the current year, among which those for which a detailed request for information will be sent will be selected. The data will be used to develop detailed documentation regarding the future fate of the project.

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The idea of limited modernization of T-72 tanks, and thus the oldest main battle tanks of the Polish Army, was published as part of the strategic defense review. The defence review, published in May 2017, sets as the main priority for Poland to prepare to defend its own territory and reinforce deterrence capabilities based on national defence capabilities.

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A number of sources say that currently there are more than 500 T-72 tanks of various modifications in service of the Polish army.

Poland had earlier planned to replace older T-72s with a modern fire-support vehicle armed with a 120 mm gun, but the Gepard light tank programme was cancelled.

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