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Japan shows modern Type 10 main battle tanks in action

Japan Ground Self-Defense Forces have demonstrated the capability of its new advanced fourth-generation main battle tanks, called the Type-10, during the annual live-fire exercise at the Higashi-Fuji firing range in Gotemba in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Type 10 is the main battle tank built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Japan Ground Self Defence Force (JGSDF). The tank entered service with the JGSDF in 2012 and claims outstanding mobility.

Type 10 is a new generation of Japanese tanks with improved capabilities for anti-armor combat, mobile strike and countering an attack against special operation units.


According to JGSDF’s website, the most remarkable characteristic of Type 10 tank lies in its C4I function (command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence). This can be incorporated into the GSDF network to enable sharing of information among tanks, as well as connected to the infantry’s outdoor computer network “Regiment Command Control System” to facilitate integrated military operations with the infantry troops.

The Type 10 battle tank features a 120mm smoothbore L44 gun with high-speed and high-reliable automatic loader. The secondary armament of Type 10 includes one coaxial Type 64 7.62mm machine gun located on the left side of the main armament and one 12.7 mm M2 HB machine gun mounted on the roof which can be aimed and fired from inside the turret.

The tank’s hull is attached with modular ceramic composite armour offering protection against rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) rounds, HEAT projectiles and anti-tank missiles. The add-on modules can be easily removed and installed to alter the protection levels. The 1,200hp 4-stroke 8-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine provides a maximum speed of 70km/h.

The Technical Research and Development Institute undertook development of Type 10 tanks in FY2002, completed the prototype by the end of FY2006, and has been conducting running test since FY2007. After FY2008, practical trials including shooting and networking tests have been conducted, and development was concluded at the end of FY2009.

Also reported that Japan Ground Self-Defense Force is requesting an additional 12 new Type tanks, according to a document entitled Defense Programs and Budget of Japan, the 2020 version of which was published in late March.

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