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Israel downs Syrian fighter jet that breached its airspace

The Israeli military fired a two Patriot missile at a fighter jet owned by the Syrian Air Force that approached from Syria and infilitrated Israeli territory, confirmed Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman on 24 July.

According to the IDF’s report, Two Patriot missiles were launched at a Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet that infiltrated about 1 mile into Israeli airspace.

The IDF monitored the fighter jet, which was then intercepted by the Patriot missiles, also noted spokesman.


On 24 July, following media reports that the Russian-made Sukhoi was under surveillance when it entered some two kilometers into Israeli airspace and was shot down by two Patriot missiles.

Some source reported that the Syrian Air Force lost a Su-22M4 after it was downed by two Patriot PAC-2/GEM+ missiles, fired by Israel.

It’s the first downing of a Syrian jet since a U.S. Navy F-18 Super Hornet shot one down over Syria in June 2017 after it fired on U.S.-backed Syrian forces.

Since this morning, there has been an increase in the internal fighting in Syria and the Syrian Air Force’s activity. The IDF is in high alert and will continue to operate against the violation of the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement.

Thursday’s incident came after Israel earlier this month fired Patriot missiles at an unmanned aircraft and rockets that approached the country’s border from Syria.

Also, on 23 July, the IDF for the first time launched 2 David’s Sling aerial defense system interceptors against rockets were from internal fighting in Syria. An Israeli source briefed on the David’s Sling activation said the interceptor missiles were launched following an initial assessment that the two incoming Syrian SS-21 rockets would hit the Israeli side of the Golan. When Israeli sensors realised they would land on the Syrian side, David’s Sling was given an abort order for the interceptors to self-destruct in mid-air.

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