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German, Israeli companies partner up on future combat vehicles

Israeli UVision Air Ltd. announced that it with German defense conglomerate Rheinmetall is to present an integration of its high-precision Hero Loitering Munitions into Rheinmetall’s next-generation manned and unmanned infantry fighting vehicles, at Eurosatory 2022

The integrated solution provides frontline forces with a new independent ability to locate, track and accurately eliminate heavily-armored targets from long ranges, in challenging battlefield conditions, including GPS-denied environments and communication jamming, without the need for external support.

The joint solution provides forces with a combination of advanced ISR and long-range heavy firepower that until now could only be achieved by complicated cooperation between several units and echelons.


“Our combat-proven loitering munitions respond to growing demand for high-precision weapon systems to suit the realities of the modern warfare. The HERO systems with their unique characteristics are becoming a core required capability of leading armies worldwide.” says Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision. “Only seven months ago, UVision Air Ltd. and Rheinmetall signed a strategic partnering agreement for loitering munitions. I am proud to say that this collaboration has already yielded business success. We are confident that the integration that we are presenting for the first time at the exhibition will yield more deals soon.”

An important tactical advantage of the field-proven HERO systems to military forces lies in their high precision strike capabilities. The unique design of the Hero HERO Loitering Munition makes it possible to conduct precision attacks in urban areas or remote locations while avoiding collateral damage. With this integrated solution, autonomous unmanned and manned ground vehicles extend the breadth of the military forces’ potential and operational effectivity, by providing high-precision strike capabilities.

The integrated solution displayed at Rheinmetall’s is yet another step forward in the cooperation between Rheinmetall and UVision. The strategic partnership leverages both companies’ capabilities to provide the European market with precise, combat-proven weapon systems. The Hero family of loitering munitions will be available to European customers to satisfy contemporary and emerging operational requirements.

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