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Georgia gets new batch of Didgori Meomari and AMEV vehicles

The Georgian Armed Forces have taken delivery of another batch of Didgori armored vehicles.

The Georgian Ministry of Defense has announced that Delta State Military Scientific-Technical Centre handed over 40 Didgori armored vehicles including the Didgori AMEV (Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle) and Didgori Meomari tactical armored modular vehicle to the Armed Forces on 8 October.

Defense Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili took part in the ceremony of handing over the vehicles.


The Didgori is a Georgian-made multirole 4-wheeled armored vehicle. It is assembled on and around the chassis of US Ford Super Duty pickup trucks.

As noted by the Delta, the Didgori-series armored vehicle family is designed, constructed and assembled according to modern standards with superior protection for crew members in mind. The bases version’s armor withstands impacts of 7.62×54mmR AP rounds and 6–8 kg mine blasts at direct contact and from underneath without heavy damage.

The Didgori Meomari is a multitask modular platform for support vehicles with different purpose and configuration. The crew of Didgori Meomari consists of five specialists, including the driver, Commander, Gun operator, and two troops/heavy armament operators. Double layer armor is capable of withstanding EN1063 BR7+ threats.

The Didgori AMEV is a medical evacuation variant of the Delta’s 4×4 Didgori light armoured vehicle (LAV), which was first unveiled in 2011. Medevac is equipped with 356 hp V8 type twin turbo-diesel engine. It enables the vehicle to develop 120 km/h speed on asphalt road.

The construction of the armored medical evacuation vehicle is assembled with armored steel plates – in double layer construction and provides all-around protection according to EN1063 B7+ Standard for the crew located in front, rear medical compartment and engine compartment. The base of the vehicle is manufactured from the layer of armored steel – while the protection level is further enhanced by an add on armor panels – which can be easily removed or replaced – for replacement of damaged panes, upgrade/downgrade of vehicle protection level Etc.

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