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French military receives additional Griffon armored vehicles

The French Direction générale de l’armement (DGA) announced the delivery of 16 Griffon armored vehicles to the French Army in October.

In a press release, the DGA said the delivery included 13 vehicles in the troop transport version (VTT) and 3 in the command post version (VPC).

With these additions, the total number of Griffon armored vehicles in service has reached 533, representing 29% of the target set for 2035. Among them, 443 are in the troop transport version (VTT), 79 in the command post version (EPC), and 11 in the artillery observation version (VOA).


The Griffon, a 24.5-ton armored vehicle, has been gradually replacing the aging Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé (VAB) since 2019, fulfilling critical roles in support and troop transport. Its robust design provides enhanced protection against ballistic threats, mines, and improvised explosive devices.

Beyond its formidable protection, the Griffon boasts impressive speed and maneuverability, reaching up to 90 km/h and executing sharp turns within a 7-meter radius thanks to its rear-wheel steering. Equipped with a remotely operated turret housing a 12.7mm or 7.62mm machine gun, the Griffon outmatches its predecessor in firepower. Moreover, emphasis has been placed on enhancing the comfort and ergonomics for soldiers, featuring increased space and an air conditioning system.

As of the end of October 2023, the Griffon fleet comprises 533 vehicles, a testament to the successful implementation of the Scorpion program’s incremental approach.

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