Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Chinese People’s Liberation Army receives battalion set of new Type 99A2 tanks

The 81st Group Army of the People’s Liberation Army has recently taken delivery of what appears to be a battalion set of Type 99A2 main battle tanks, defense journalist Sam Cranny-Evans said on Twitter.

“It is part of the Central Theatre Command with responsibilities to protect Beijing and act as a reserve for the rest of China,” he said on Twitter.

The new Type 99A2 main battle tank is an improved version of the Type 99 with a longer barrel main gun, which in theory should impart higher muzzle velocity to sabot shells and improve their armor penetration and accuracy.


According to the Army-technology.com, significant improvements of Type 99A2 make it a new tank altogether. Some of the upgrades are an information terminal and aiming system. It also includes bigger turret with a bigger tail chamber and arrow-shaped armour. It has a periscope for the commander and an integrated propulsion system with an active protection system which is set on turret.

It is a third-generation main battle tank and the most modern tank in service with the Chinese armed forces.

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