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Alexander Krasovitsky: Bumerang is unrivalled in the world

The head of the Russia’s Military Industrial Company (VPK), Alexander Krasovitsky said that the newest Bumerang armored personnel carrier is a technological marvel, which is unrivalled in the world.

That was reported by Izvestia.

“The Bumerang is an engineering breakthrough bristling with space-age technology, including an armored upper hemisphere. The vehicle can be remotely-operated, which means that it is essentially a robot,” Krasovitsky said.


According to the russian media, the Bumerang is an amphibious wheeled armored personnel carrier and was developed as a replacement for the BTR-80/BTR-82 in the Russian Army.  Engine of the Bumerang is located at the front of the hull. Troops enter and leave the new vehicle via rear power-operated ramp with integral doors. It is worth mentioning that a rear-mounted engine of the BTR series APCs was a significant drawback, as troops had to leave the vehicle via side doors.

Alexander Krasovitsky

Alexander Krasovitsky added that the Bumerang’s formidable protection against precision weapons make it virtually “unkillable.”

Bumerang is a cutting-edge program which is taking our entire industry to an entirely new level. Its new engine built in Yaroslavl ushered in a real industrial revolution because Russia never had such an engine before,” Krasovitsky continued.

He also said that, unlike its BTR-82A predecessor, the Bumerang APC, already ordered by the Armed Forces, the National Guards and the Interior Ministry, is an all-weather vehicle, very reliable, better armored and ensuring better observation in amphibious mode.

According to Alexander Krasovitsky, the Bumerang is unrivalled in the world because it boasts technology that is more advanced and cheaper compared to what Finland’s Patria of the US Stryker can offer.

“We are already getting orders [for Bumerangs] from abroad, but the vehicle remains classified. We are not allowed to unveil its technical characteristics, let alone discuss the price. I’m sure that once the stamp of secrecy has been removed, we and Rosoboronexport will be able to sell it abrad,” Krasovitsky told Izvestia.

Russia’s Ground Forces Commander Oleg Salyukov said that in terms of firepower, the Bumerang will be comparable to a wheeled armored fighting vehicle.

This new armored personnel carrier has a crew of 3, including commander, gunner and driver. It can carry 9 soldiers. Firing ports for the troops were deleted in order not to compromise armor protection.

Vehicle has a welded hull and turret. Its armor is modular, so protection level can be tailored to suit mission requirements. So far its protection level is classified. However it seems that all-round protection with maximum armor is against 14.5-mm armor-piercing round.

Vehicle has a V-shaped hull that deflects mine blasts away. As usually this vehicle is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. It has been reported that the Bumerang can be fitted with active protection system.

The Bumerang uses the same unmanned turrets as Kurganets APC and IFV. This 8×8 armored personnel carrier comes in two basic version. One version fitted with the same turret as used on Kurganets APC. It is armed with a 12.7-mm machine gun. Another version is fitted with a turret of Kurganets IFV and packs a formidable punch. It is armed with a 30-mm cannon, coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and 4 external launchers with Kornet-M anti-tank guided missiles.

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