Maritime Security

Maritime Security

News naval forces around the world

Japan suspending construction of the controversial U.S. military base in Okinawa

Early last month, Japan’s central government made a surprise announcement that it would suspend for one month from August 10to September 9 the construction of the controversial U.S. Marine Corps air base in Henoko,...

Brazilian Navy confirmed the purchase of former French Navy Foudre class LPD «Siroco»

The Brazilian Navy confirmed on September 9 2015 the purchase of former French Navy Foudre class LPDSiroco. The amphibious vessel will be renamed Bahia with hull number G40 and classified as “Navio Doca Multipropósito”...

Russian military equipment transported by ferry to Syria

Ferry "Alexander Tkachenko," seen in the Bosporus, carrying a party of Russian military equipment to Syria.

Russian landing ships headed back to Syria

Turkish sources reported that two large landing ship  Project 775 - Novocherkassk and Korolev, with a cargo of military purpose, once again passed the Bosphorus, heading for Syria.    

NATO, Ukraine kick off Black Sea naval drill

The Ukraine-NATO joint military exercises Sea Breeze 2015 started in southern Ukraine, Russian media reported on Monday. "The aim of the exercises is to practice a multinational security operation in a crisis region," the press...

Photo of Russian Navy Kilo sub «Novorossiysk» in Spain

Photo of Russian Navy Kilo sub «Novorossiysk» departed Ceuta, Spain, on August 28 Earlier british MP Andrew Rosindell reportedly accused the Spanish government of a "clear provocation" against Gibraltar — a British overseas territory...

Iran testing made version SS-N-16 Stallion

Iran made version SS-N-16 RPK-6 Vodopad launched from fast attack boat SS-N-16 Stallion or RPK-6 Vodopad - is a 533 mm anti-ship missile. Both missiles are torpedo-tube launched, with a solid-fuel rocket...

US Army To Choose New Landing Craft Next Year

WASHINGTON — In line with the Pentagon's so-called Pacific pivot, the US Army wants to buy a new fleet of boats to replace its Vietnam-era "Mike Boat," the service's first major watercraft procurement in 15...