Maritime Security

Maritime Security

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France to Discuss Mistral Sale to Malaysia

Aug 25 France's defence minister will discuss the sale to Malaysia of one of the Mistral helicopter carriers originally destined for Russia during a visit to the country, a source familiar with the talks...

Photo of Russian Landing Ship floating to Syria

On 20 August 2015 the Alligator class landing ship Nikolay Filchenkov made one of her passages through Istanbul. The event was not worth of remembering if there was no cargo on deck of the...

New photos of Type 052D destroyer 173 Changsha

New photos of Type 052D destroyer 173 Changsha. The Type 052D destroyer (NATO code name Luyang III class, or Kunming class after the lead ship) is a class of guided missile destroyers being deployed...

Egypt Navy FREMM Frigate “Tahya Misr” FFG-1001 arrived in Alexandria

Egypt Navy FREMM Frigate "Tahya Misr" FFG-1001 arrived in Alexandria

New PLAN Type 039 submarine arrives after sea trials

Primary weapon for the Type 039 is the 533 mm Yu-4 torpedo, a locally produced passive homing 40-knot (74 km/h) torpedo based on the SAET-50 and roughly comparable to the SAET-60. Surface targets may...

Missile exploded after launch during an military parade in Russia

Missile exploded after launch during an military parade in Sevastopol Russia

The Navy’s P-8 Poseidon Spotted Packing Mysterious New Pod

The P-8 Poseidon is quickly becoming the Pentagon’s super-adaptable multi-role surveillance platform of choice. We know it can pack one of the most advanced radar systems in the world, slung under its belly in...

Pakistan to buy eight submarines from China in secret deal

Pakistan and China on Thursday agreed to a multi-billion dollar deal that would see Beijing provide eight submarines to the Pakistan Navy, in an agreement that analysts are calling the largest-ever defence deal China...