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Ukrainian aircraft industrial company proposes ACS unmanned aerial system for export

Kyiv-based aircraft industrial company SKYETON has developed a new man portable Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) of the ACS series. The new UAS is being considered to improve the service’s surveillance, reconnaissance, and target acquisition capabilities.

According to the company, the  Man portable (one-box) aircraft with reconnaissance system ready to be deployed in minutes. The modular flying platform makes changing of various function modules easy.

The system is a unique efficient and technological instrument, which allows to perform various tasks, including:

  • aerial photography
  • monitoring of various infrastructure objects (pipelines, electric transmission lines, railways, etc.)
  • control of meteorological situation and fire detection
  • patrol of land/sea borders
  • tasks for agricultural business (monitoring of soil condition and machinery operations, application of trichogramma, etc.)
  • control of mining operations
  • different military tasks
  • etc.

Vertically integrated design and production allow the company to manufacture systems to Client’s needs. This also provides for top-notch maintenance during UAS exploitation and enables modifications as Client’s needs evolve.

Configuration and specifications of the Unmanned Aerial System

UAV specification Value
Flight radius, km:
 – by telemetry with video 120 km
 – max in automatic mode 1000 km
Flight speed, km/h:
 – cruise 120 km/h
 – maximum 160 km/h
 – minimum 80 km/h
Operating ceiling 3000 m
Flight time (depending on the payload) more than 15 hours
Operating temperature range from -20  to  +45 °С
Tank capacity 6 L
Takeoff technique Launcher (catapult)
Landing technique Parachuting on the air cushion
Control system Optional – automatic program or operated remotely from the ground control station.
Takeoff preparation 15 min
Break-down time for transportation 15 min
Vehicle dimensions, mm.:
 – wingspan 2985 mm
 – length 1830 mm
 – height 320 mm
Surface area, m2:
 – wing 0,9 m2
 – stabilizer 0,15 m2
 – ailerons 0,05 m2
– elevating rudder 0,04 m2
Transport container dimensions: 1350х650х450 mm
Weight, kg.:
 – maximum take-off 20 kg
 – payload up to 7 kg
 – empty airplane 9 kg


Right now Ukraine company actively looking for business partners worldwide and offers the new UAS for export.

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