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Ukraine to modernise S-300V1 air defence system

On 12 April 2018, the Public Affairs Office of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine announced that Ukraine plans to upgrade and return to service its S-300V1 (NATO reporting name SA-12 Gladiator/Giant) long-range, surface-to-air missile system.

According to the announced, Ukraine is considering the possibility to upgrade the unique S-300V1 air defence system, providing a defence against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.

Ukrainian Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak said that was considered how modernization and deployment of the S-300V1, Kub, Tor and other air defense systems.


“During the official meeting, were decided on the ways to modernize the air defense complexes of the Air Forces of Ukraine,” Minister noted.

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The S-300V1 is the only one of its kind and developed to provide advanced air defense capability for vital battlefield and rear areas as well as country’s administrative and political centers. This complex is not part of the S-300, including is designed by another developer. It was built by Antey rather than Almaz, and its 9M82 and 9M83 missiles were designed by NPO Novator. The V suffix stands for Voyska (ground forces). It was designed to form the top tier army air defence system, providing a defence against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.

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The S-300V1 weapon system comprises a command post vehicle, an all-around surveillance radar, a sector scanning radar, up to 4 missile guidance radars, and up to 24 launcher vehicles. It can engage helicopters and aircraft flying at any altitude from 25 to 30,000 meters, reduced radar cross section targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles and stealth aircraft and missiles, as well as supersonic and subsonic cruise missiles. The S-300V1 can engage up to 24 targets simultaneously with 48 9M83 missiles (two missiles per target) in-flight for optimized kill probability.


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