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Ukraine deploys air assault divisions to Ukrainian-Russian border line

The units of the Airborne Assault Forces have deployed to the most dangerous areas throughout the Ukrainian-Russian border line.

During the working visit to Zhytomyr region, President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited one of the military bases where the boarding of military units and equipment of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the aircrafts was held for the redeployment of troops in the framework of the fulfillment of tasks determined by martial law. Upon completion of boarding, the flight of the Su-27 and Il-76MD aircrafts was conducted. Also, aerobatic maneuvers were demonstrated on Su-27 aircrafts.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief emphasizes that an important element in adequately responding to the actions of the aggressor is the build-up of troop groups, in accordance with the Strategic Concept for the use of the state defense forces approved by him.


“Within this process, the combat units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being re-deployed to the most dangerous areas along the entire line of our border in order to strengthen the defense capabilities and be prepared to stop the aggressor without wasting any second,” the President said.

“From this military airfield, the elite of our troops – the units of the Airborne Assault Forces will be transported to important defensive regions and districts in accordance with the approved plans. As always, you are sent to the places with the most complicated situation, where there is a need to solve the most difficult tasks, where it is impossible to do without the soldiers of the Airborne Assault Forces,” the Head of State underlined.

“It is a great honor, importance and pleasure for me to be here with you – the elite of the Ukrainian army, courageous and strong warriors on the Day of the Armed Forces,” President Petro Poroshenko addressed the paratroopers during the working visit to Zhytomyr region.

“I am here to once again thank you for the selfless sacrificial service to the Homeland. Strength and will, courage and devotion to Ukraine, as well as self-sacrifice marked your battle course during the four years of Russian aggression against our state,” he said.

“Looking at your hardened, courageous faces, I once again realize: nobody will overcome Ukraine. We are ready to protect our land with weapons in hands, to fight for each piece, we will not give it up to anyone,” the Supreme Commander-in-Chief noted.

According to him, the first week of martial law has already shown how timely and correct the decision was. “It gives us an opportunity to further increase the combat capability of the Armed Forces units, strengthen our defense, check reserves, carry out redeployment,” the President said.

He noted that the reservists’ training, taking place these days in the regions where the legal regime of martial law operates, demonstrated the high readiness and desire of our citizens to defend the state.

“This is an indicator of the high authority of the Ukrainian Army. This is an indicator of its changes over the past years, an indicator of how much the spirit of patriotism among Ukrainians has increased,” the Head of State noted.

The Head of State appealed to all the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “The Ukrainian Army has proved that it is and will be a solid foundation for our independence, that it is ready to respond adequately, quickly and effectively to any challenge, to take away any threat”.

The Head of State separately thanked the veterans, those who already have military experience and are ready to stand up and support their brothers-in-arms at any moment.

The President also stressed that the Ukrainian people will never forget those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Ukraine. “And we will not forgive any drop of Ukrainian blood shed by the enemy,” he said.

Photo by Mikhail Palinchak
Photo by Mikhail Palinchak
Photo by Mikhail Palinchak


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