Monday, June 24, 2024

Ukraine claims strike on Russia’s advanced Felon fighter jet

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) has reported targeting a Russian Su-57 Felon fighter jet.

The drone attack occurred on June 8 at an airbase near Akhtubinsk in Russia’s Astrakhan region, located approximately 589 kilometers from the frontline.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, satellite images show the Su-57 intact on June 7, but by June 8, the area around the aircraft displayed explosion craters and burn marks, indicating a fire resulting from a direct hit. This event marks the first recorded instance of the Su-57 being damaged in such a manner.


The Su-57, Russia’s most advanced fighter jet, known to NATO as Felon, can deploy X-59 and X-69 missiles. Only a few of these sophisticated aircraft are currently operational within the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Russia has increasingly utilized its Su-57 combat aircraft to conduct missile strikes against Ukraine. These advanced jets began playing a more active role in late February 2024, with a notable rise in the frequency of their missions.

In the past month alone, Russian forces have launched over six cruise missiles from Su-57 jets. These operations are conducted from an airbase near Akhtubinsk, with the jets flying over Kursk, Bryansk, and the occupied Luhansk region to carry out their strikes. Typically, the Su-57s are accompanied by two Su-35 fighters for added protection.

The reported damage to the Su-57 is a noteworthy development in the ongoing conflict. If confirmed, it demonstrates Ukraine’s growing capability to target and damage advanced Russian military assets, potentially altering the dynamic of aerial engagements.

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