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U.S. Army preparing its heavy dump trucks for extremely cold environment

The U.S. Army is starting the process of preparing its fleet of heavy dump trucks for extremely cold, austere environment.

According to a press release issued Tuesday by Mack Defense, it has partnered with Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) to prepare the U.S. Army M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks (HDT) for harsh cold temperatures with an engine heating solution that allows the trucks to start and operate more efficiently and effectively in extreme cold weather.

“Mack Defense is proud to be part of this effort to give the M917A3 the ability to operate in extremely cold environments,” said Kenneth Robinson, Mack Defense project engineer. “Together with PTI, we produced a solution for harsh cold weather starts that our U.S Army can rely on.”


When activated, the PTI engine heating system circulates warm coolant throughout the engine to provide even heat distribution. Thermostatically controlled heat distribution ensures fast starts for critical applications needed by the U.S. Army. Warming the coolant also reduces fuel consumption, emissions and engine wear, all critical factors. When equipped with the PTI system, the M917A3 HDT is designed to start in extreme temperatures as cold as -40°F and provides optimized cold start performance.

“PTI’s products come from a strong history of innovation stemming from work in some of the coldest climates on earth,” said David Marohnic, heavy-duty heating systems engineer for Phillips & Temro Industries.

Photo by Mack Defense

Mack Defense says the M917A3 is designed to meet the current needs of the U.S. Army while allowing for evolving requirements and future growth.

The company’s engineers added heavy-duty rear axles, all-wheel drive, and increased ride height suspension to provide the Army with a heavy dump truck to meet their demanding payload and mobility requirements. An optional armor cab was also engineered which utilizes all the comfort and amenities of a commercial truck, while adding force protection to keep occupants safe in hostile environments.

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