Sunday, June 4, 2023

Troops spotted heading into Belarus capital Minsk

Belarus troops were spotted heading into the capital Minsk, in military trucks around today.

The trucks, armoured and tactical vehicles were spotted and recorded on video on the streets ahead of the presidential election.

Also, Radio Free Europe correspondents reported that at the entrances to Minsk, were spotted armored vehicles and police which stop and check cars.


“At these checkpoints, there is at least one police car, and the rest are special forces,” said journalist, Franak Viačorka, on its Twitter account. “Belarusian military riding in Chinese “Dongfeng Mengshi” humvee clone. Quite symbolic.”

Rendel Finger shared a short video showing columns of military vehicles and other military equipment heading into Minsk.

“The first day of elections has come in Belarus and its current head is already reinsuring himself, driving columns of military equipment to Minsk,” he said on Twitter.

Belarus Army also moved Chinese-made CS/VN3 Dajiang (Dragon) 4×4 armored vehicles to Minsk. The monitors observed a convoy of armoured vehicles, composed of CS/VN3 and unmarked trucks near Minsk.

Today, voting is underway in Belarus for the country’s presidential election.

The vote follows a campaign marked by the arrest of more than 1,000 opposition supporters, the barring of several potential challengers, claims of a Russian plot to sow instability, and the rise of an unheralded candidate who analysts say poses the greatest challenge to the 65-year-old authoritarian leader since his rise to power in 1994.

Official Minsk fears that Russia may take advantage of the instability in the country and carry out the Ukrainian scenario to occupy part of the territories ahead of August’s presidential election.

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