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ANALYSIS: The Lao People’s Liberation Army

Like Vietnam, the Lao People’s Army armed with weapons originating from the Soviet Union and a small portion was purchased from Russia.

In Southeast Asia, the Lao People’s Army is an organized army, small with only standing army of 130,000 people including air force and navy

The Army is the largest force, equipped with a variety of weapons in the Lao People’s Army. Personal armament of the Laos team’s are assault rifle AK-47/AKM or AK variant was produced by China Type 56 medium associated PKM/RPD, pistol Makarov PM


In Laos enforcement compulsory military service, serve a minimum period of 18 months, In training, the Lao People’s Army has sent many students to study at the school officers, university and military school in Vietnam.


Laos army also organized special operations forces, or sapper called Laos with features similar to the characteristics of Vietnam.

On heavy weapons Lao Army is derived primarily from the Soviet Union. In it, the artillery is equipped with mortars (size 81, 82 or 120 mm). Shown is Brigadier Captain Info-dun-PHAC-hua Xon Battalion 414, Provincial Military Command U Dom Xay practicing firing mortar operations.

In addition to fire mortars, artillery Laos also export quantities than 100 kinds including 122 mm howitzer M-30, D-30 122 mm, 105mm M101; M-46 long-barreled guns 130mm (very small amounts). Shown is the gate 122 mm howitzer D-30 produced by the Soviet Union, aid to Laos.

D-30 122 mm howitzer firing angle 360 ​​degrees, a range of 15,4km. ZIS achieve a range of 11.8 km.


Force increased – armored, automobiles of the Lao People’s Army used mainly Soviet equipment including main battle tank T-54; light tank PT-76; BTR-60 armored personnel / BTR-152.

Shown is the tanker belonging to Battalion 614, Division 2 Lao People’s Army. Battalion 614 armored unit of the Army tradition Laos, has fought border guard in 1982-1988.

PT-76 tanks of the Army of Laos under the first generation of this legendary line increase, equipped with rifled gun D-56T 76,2mm no hood in 2/3 belly gun body.


The Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force (LPLAAF) is the 2nd largest force in the Lao People’s Army troops standing with about 3,000 people, equipped with nearly 50 aircraft primarily transport missions, fire support when necessary. Despite equipped with several dozen MiG-21, but this number is virtually no activity.

Shown is the helicopter Mi-17-1V multipurpose transport of Regiment 703, the Air Force of the Lao People’s Liberation.

In 1997, Laos signed the purchase of 12 Russian Mi-17 and the transfer completed in 1999. The aircraft are mainly transport missions, reconnaissance, when necessary, to support the armed rocket fire ground forces.

In addition to helicopter Russia, Laos also purchased 4 transport helicopter Z-9 versatile of China.

Regarding the transport aircraft with wings, Laos has the equipment for 10 An-2, An-26 and one An-74 a (purchase of Ukraine).

Shown is a modern transport aircraft of the Air Force Laos – An-74 purchase of Ukraine, serving the VIP and the government of Laos.

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