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SpetsTehnoExport Showcases New Unmanned Aircraft Complex Sparrow-LE at Aero India 2017

On the first day of the international aerospace exhibition “AeroIndiya-2017” UOP SE “SpetsTehnoExport” (part of UkrOboronProm concern) revealed a new tactical unmanned aircraft complex Sparrow-LE.

That was reported by SpetsTehnoExport.

“Sparrow-LE” is designed for aerial reconnaissance using secure channel digital data transmission over a 25 km distance from the control center. It can stay aloft for 3.5 hours. The wingspan of the new drone is over three meters, which greatly increases its flight characteristics compared with other complexes of this class, allowing to stay invisible to radar and visually. Drone is resistant to mechanical and thermal effects, protected from moisture. It can be operated in either manual or automatic control modes, including automatic takeoff and landing. The complex can position coordinates of objects and observe objects in adverse weather conditions and mountainous terrain.


In Ukraine the given unmanned aircraft complex is being prepared for operation testing in the Armed Forces. In the frameworks of “AeroIndiya-2017” this complex is represented in a modified configuration due to some differences in the requirements of the Armed Forces of India to unmanned systems of this class.

The new UAV model was developed by “Spaytek” specialists. On the first day of its presentation the given development aroused great interest in AeroIndiya-2017 exhibitors’ due to the fact that its characteristics exceed Indian partners’ requirements.

In the frameworks of the exhibition “Arms and Security 2016” SE “SpetsTehnoExport” represented tactical unmanned aircraft complex “Anser” and tactical UAV «Sparrow».

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