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Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles were stuck in a traffic jam

RS-24 Yars mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles were stuck in a traffic jam at Moscow Automobile Ring Road, on 26 February.

Video posted to social media shows the Russian modern thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile systems were stuck in a traffic jam near Moscow.

According to a Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation report,  a mechanized column of the missile formation is moving from Teikovo (Ivanovo region) to Alabino (Moscow region) to take part in a rehearsal of the Victory Day parade in Moscow. The crews have passed more than 400 kilometers along federal highways and roads with high traffic intensity, including the federal highway M7 and the Moscow Automobile Ring Road.


The RS-24 Yars is a Russian strategic missile system armed with a solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile with MIRVed (multiple independently targetable vehicle) warheads.

The Yars system was designed to evade missile defense systems. This missile maneuvers during the flight and carries both active and passive decoys. It is estimated that it has at least 60-65% chance to penetrate defenses.

The mobile system RS-24 Yars is mounted on a MZKT-79221 16×16 transporter-erector-launcher. The MZKT-79221 chassis was proposed as the base for a new yet more powerful strategic complex of Topol-M with the RS-12M2 missiles with a weight of 47t and a length of about 18m, warheads included. The chassis is intended for operations on all type of roads and surveyed terrain at an ambient temperature of -50° to +45°.

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