Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Russia starts testing advanced computer system of intellectual support for T-50’s pilot

The Sukhoi Company has begun testing of the IMA BK (Integrated Modular Avionics of Combat Systems) advanced computer system of intellectual support for the pilot of Russia’s first stealth fighter T-50.

According to the official blog of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), The Sukhoi Company (part of  UAC) launched the flight tests of the PAK FA fighter with the new computer system IMA BK (Integrated Modular Avionics of Combat Systems).

Work on the project has been conducted over the past four years. It‘s aimed to replace the “Baguette” type computer.


In the T-50’s integrated avionics suite, the central computer controls the aircraft systems, weapons employment and self-defense and provides multifaceted intellectual support for the pilot. The central computer triple-hatted as electronic pilot, electronic navigator and electronic flight engineer, performs real-time automatic target identification and prioritization, optimal route plotting, optimal weapons use and self-defense, and system reconfiguration in case of failure. The cutting-edge control system assumes control of almost all key instruments of the fighter – the radars, navaids and comms, while each of the systems of the preceding aircraft prototype called for a computer of its own.

The central computer’s software volume has exceeded 4 million lines of code, with several sophisticated aircraft control and integrated data processing modes more to be added.

Photo by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)
Photo by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)
Photo by United Aircraft Corporation (UAC)

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