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Raytheon, Saab successfully completed a series of test firings of new semi-active Carl-Gustaf munition

U.S. weapons maker Raytheon and Swedish aerospace and defense firm Saab successfully completed a series of guided flight tests for the shoulder-launched, guided Carl-Gustaf munition.

The Carl-Gustaf weapon system, built by Saab AB, is used by the U.S. Army goes 11-for-11 in flight tests, a Raytheon news release states.

Tests were conducted at Saab’s Bofors Test Center in Karlskoga, Sweden, and at Mile High Range in Sierra Blanca, Texas.


The Carl-Gustaf weapon system built by Saab is used by the U.S. Army and ground forces of more than 40 other countries. The new semi-active, laser-guided munition will allow militaries to accurately engage stationary or moving targets at distances up to 1.2 miles (2,000 meters).

“Raytheon and Saab have spent the last 12 months working together to develop a precision-guided munition that will penetrate multiple targets, such as light armor, bunkers and concrete structures, at extended ranges,” said Sam Deneke, Raytheon Land Warfare Systems vice president. “This lightweight round can overmatch potential adversaries while decreasing collateral damage, making it an ideal weapon when fighting under restricted rules of engagement.”

Increased range combined with the ability to fire at targets from inside structures, will offer troops greater protection.

“The guided Carl-Gustaf munition is the next step in the development of the Carl-Gustaf system,” said Görgen Johansson, who leads Saab’s Dynamics business. “It is the most advanced munition yet and will offer greater precision, minimize collateral damage and deliver outstanding performance.”

Raytheon and Saab began their partnership with the guided Carl-Gustaf munition in 2016, and expect to test an all-up round in 2020.

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