Saturday, September 25, 2021

RADION unveils advanced electronic warfare system ‘Nota’

Ukrainian company RADION LLC has unveiled a new advanced electronic warfare system called the ‘Nota’ during the Arms and Security 2018 international specialized exhibition in Kyiv.

According to the company’s statement, ‘Nota’ electronic warfare system is designed to neutralise UAVs, disrupt mobile networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, WiFi, VHF), countering signal and radar intelligence systems.

System “Nota” provides direction finding sources of radio emission and radio jamming wireless communication, channels of satellite navigation, remote control, telemetry and technical intelligence means.


Direction finding provides determination of radio emission characteristics (frequency, power, etc.) and location (azimuth, coordinates) of source. Direction finding can be carried out with a circular and sector pattern. For obtaining an additional information about the object (target), the complex includes controlled high-resolution thermal imaging camera.

Jamming is carried out by transmission of deliberate radio interference, which blocks information exchange through wireless communication. The system provides generation aimed or barrage jamming. Jamming can be carried out with a circular and sector pattern.

System “Nota” is used in several application:

  • fixed – setting up on sites of critical infrastructure (airport, nuclear power plant, hazardous materials storage, headquarters, etc.);
  • deployable – transportation of the system and rapid deployment for temporary use at the specified facility;
  • mobile – installing of the system on an vehicle with the possibility of use in movement and on stops.

The system “Nota” is designed for military and civil applications. It can be specified according to the customer requirements (frequency band, emission pattern and power, etc.).

The operation console of the system has a unified WEB interface (thin client) and allows the simultaneous work of several operators.

Usage of IP protocols to provide access to the operator console allows using a wide range of available telecommunication means and communication networks.

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