Monday, June 27, 2022

Practika looks to upgrade in-service Ukrainian BTR-60s

Kyiv-based scientific and production association “Practika” expects to upgrade several hundred in-service BTR-60 armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to a new ‘BTR-60M’ format.

The story was first reported by Defense Express, which cited the Deputy Director-General of the Practika, Viktor Kriviy.

Viktor Kriviy said that the upgrade of Soviet-era armored personnel carriers (APC) sees the addition of a new engine, a new modular hull with armor rated at the Level 2 STANAG 4569 standard.


The advanced version of BTR-60 also has a new configuration with the driver positioned in the front of the vehicle, on the left, with the commander behind him, while the engine compartment is on the right and the crew compartment at the rear, for the maximum protection to the dismounts.

The upgraded BTR-60M can be configured as a command and control platform, forward observation vehicle (FOO), or in a convoy support role.

The upgraded APC with advanced off-road capability can be equipped with a range of weapons platforms and additional equipment.

By the most conservative estimates, the Ukrainian army needs 1000 vehicles of this class.

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