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Poland to acquire additional Odra mobile medium range surveillance radars

The Polish Defence Forces to acquire additional NUR-15M (TRS-15M) Odra mobile medium range surveillance radars.

Polish army to sign a new contract with the PIT-RADWAR S.A. for the supply of eleven NUR-15M mobile radar stations (TRS-15M), along with KZS-15 remote control console and logistic package.

It is envisaged that the contract for the purchase of new radars manufactured by the PGZ-owned company PIT-RADWAR S.A. will be concluded later this year. Its value can be estimated at about 400-600 million PLN.


The NUR-15M is a 3D mobile medium range surveillance radar designed for the Polish Air Force. The Radar is a source of radar information for Air Defense command and control systems. With additional sea channel functionality, the radar can play the role of the sensor for coastal missile units.

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The air targets are located in three dimensions using the stacked-beam monopulse technique in elevation and mechanical scanning in azimuth. The radar can also provide digital output of plots, tracks and IFF data.

Detection performance:

  • Instrumented detection range 240 km
  • Detection range for a fighter 200 km (6 RPM)
  • Azimuth 360°
  • Height 30 000 m
  • Elevation up to 30°

The effective operation of the radar in the presence of jamming and clutter is achieved by using advanced, adaptive signal processing techniques, including adaptive clutter map, automated monitoring jamming, selection of less jammed frequency, staggered frequency repetition.

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The NUR-15M radar system consists of antenna vehicle and display vehicle fitted with standard ISO 6 m locks and two power generator trailers. The antenna array can be deployed within 20 minutes by a crew of three using the antenna mast hydraulic system. The radar is fitted with an antenna levelling system and GPS-based positioning system.

Up to now there are 12 TRS-15 / TRS-15M Odra stations in the Polish Army. The first two in the basic version TRS-15 were ordered in 2006. The other two, already in the modernized version were ordered in 2008. The largest contract of PLN 322m for the supply of 8 sets of modernized NUR-15M radars, along with a training package for service stations and repair and maintenance units, was signed on January 25, 2013.

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