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Poland seeks to upgrade Army’s communication systems

The Polish Inspectorate of Armed Forces Support on 6 July announced agreed to start negotiations with the Wojskowe Zakłady Łączności Nr 1 SA (WZŁ No. 1 S.A. ) on the implementation of two projects related to the modernization of communication systems of the Polish Army, ZBiAM reported.

The first of them concerns deliveries, in 2018-19, parts and components along with the completion of already supplied digital transmission equipment of the Mobile Digital Communication Node RWŁC-10/T. In the above project, WZŁ No. 1 S.A. creates a consortium with Transbit Sp. z o.o.- it has to do with the fact that the above entities own the technical and technological documentation.

The RWŁC-10/T is a mobile telecommunication centre integrating in itself stream and packet switching networks.  In the basic version, the node is equipped with three HCLOS radiolines of transfer rate up to 34Mb/s operating in Band III+ (1,35 ÷ 2,69 GHz). It makes possible to establish radio connections at the distance up to 50 km.


According to the WZŁ No. 1 S.A. , bcased on RWŁC-10/T it is possible to deploy integrated information networks of a command post, providing at the same time a full portfolio of network services.

Mobile Digital Communication Node RWŁC-10/T

As part of the second project, the purchase of 50 Field Cryptographic Orderly Room made by the modernization of the Field Cryptographic Chancelleries and their integration with the vehicle is negotiated. The works are to be carried out in 2018-19.

Field Cryptographic Orderly Room (PKK) has been designed for acceptance, storage and transmission of classified information at protected places provided with energy and teleinformatic infrastructure. The PKK has been equipped with three safe cabinets to store documents up to “SECRET” security classification level and also with the units forewarning and protecting against access of unauthorized persons. Heating and air-conditioning system provide comfortable working conditions for two post-holders working inside the container.

Mobile Cryptographic Account MKK-03

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