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Newest Russian border patrol vessel sidelined by Chinese-made engine problems

The newest Russian “Bezuprechnyy” (Rubin-class patrol boat) border patrol vessel, designed to combat surface and airborne targets and threats, has broken down and had to be towed back to port.

According to the Mil.Press FlotProm, the new border patrol vessel was back to port after a series of Chinese-made diesel engine problems. The “Bezuprechnyy” must have a CHD622V20CR diesel engine replaced, a military source has told Mil.Press FlotProm.

One source said that the breakdown of the Chinese diesel engine occurred in late August 2018. “The crankshaft jammed, turned bearings, also, 30 percent of the injectors flowed,” the source added.


The Rubin-class patrol vessels have been designed with a higher degree of stealth than past Coast Guard ships. The patrol crafts armament gives them anti-surface and air defense capability, in the event of wartime mobilization the craft can be up-armed with anti-ship missiles.

The ships are degaussed. The ships have a flight deck and hangar for a helicopter or UAV, there is also a stern launching ramp for a small boat. Besides, the craft can also carry a 57mm A-220M gun mount instead of AK-630 on the bow.

Initially, the Rubin-class patrol boats were equipped with German made MTU 16V4000M73L diesel engines but later chosen Chinese CHD622V20CR engine.

Chinese diesel engine

The German company MTU has stopped supplying diesel engines for Russian companies as part of Western sanctions, which led to the fact that the Russian Navy is forced to uses less reliable produced engines.  In recent years, the decline of the Russian shipbuilding industry and the Western sanctions have caused huge gaps in the engines of its warships.

The new Russian Grachonok Project 21980 anti-sabotage boat, which also eqquiped with Chinese TBD620V12 diesel engines, broke down during the first test in 2017. The Chinese engine has always been a point of criticism.

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