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Leonardo DRS offers Maneuver SHORAD for US Army

Italian firm Leonardo’s US subsidiary, Leonardo DRS is offering its variant of Maneuver Short Range Air Defence system for United States Army.

Now Air and Missile Defence is one of the top modernization priorities of United States Army including the acquisition of a new SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) mobile system and Leonardo DRS is offering its vision.

Open source reporting continues to highlight how the adversaries of the United States continue to employ airborne capabilities to observe and attack U.S. and coalition forces.  Threats vary in size and capability, but they present a clear and present danger to our formations.  For decades, the United States has enjoyed air superiority while conducting combat operations, but those days are over.  Although the Taliban and Islamic State do not possess traditional fixed and rotary wing assets, they are employing cheap, but effective, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to achieve their goals.  In Ukraine, Russian forces are employing more capable UAS to locate and attack Ukrainian forces with great success, unfortunately.  Threats vary by region and by foe, but all are dangerous and must be addressed- quickly.


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Leonardo DRS has showcased a concept of a new Maneuver Short Range Air Defence system based on a Stryker wheeled combat vehicle during the AUSA Global Force 2018. The proposed system would consist of Stryker wheeled combat vehicle equipped with integrated-weapons platform with Stinger air defence missiles and Hellfire missiles.

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The Maneuver SHORAD’s modular and reconfigurable design allows commanders to select from a variety of direct fire weapons, sensors, and missiles to meet current and emerging threats. DRS’s system is light enough to fit on most tactical vehicles and combat platforms and easily employs a 30mm cannon with proximity ammunition, missiles and drones which makes it a perfect candidate for mobile C-UAS and M SHORAD. It is being evaluated now as a possible answer for a Joint Urgent Operational Need.

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