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GD-OTS, True Velocity announces weapons technology partnership

True Velocity has announced a partnership with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) to develop new weapons technologies.

Texas-based True Velocity and GD-OTS have expanded their partnership to develop the Next Generation Squad Weapon systems to replace the M4 and M249 platforms.

GD-OTS was one of five companies awarded contracts by the U.S. Army in July 2018 to develop prototypes of the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle.


True Velocity has partnered with GD-OTS to support its new weapon system with a revolutionary composite case design that will yield significant ballistic improvements over traditional brass-cased ammunition, while also reducing the weight of a loaded cartridge, improving accuracy, decreasing thermal heat signature and diminishing wear and tear on the weapon system.

“True Velocity is committed to producing composite-cased ammunition that is superior to standard brass-cased ammunition in every way,” said True Velocity President Chris Tedford. “We feel strongly that our partnership with General Dynamics will result in a disruptive, technologically advanced weapon system that will afford our military a distinct advantage on the battlefield.”

The NGSAR is expected to improve upon the firepower and effective range of the M16 and M4 platforms, while simultaneously yielding capability improvements in accuracy and lethality, according to the Army. The weapon will weigh less than its predecessor, fire lightweight ammunition and have reduced acoustic and flash signature.

“By integrating the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Next Generation Squad Weapon with True Velocity’s superior composite-cased ammunition, we can provide the U.S. Army with the right balance of lethality, weight reduction, and over-match capability. We are excited for this partnership as we build on our capabilities as a system integrator” said Steve Elgin, vice president and general manager of armament and platform systems for GD-OTS.

The deadline for the submission of prototypes is anticipated prior to the end of 2019.

The U.S. Army is expected to receive the first new squad automatic weapons to front-line or “close-combat” units in 2022, informed news agency referring to U.S

The Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle may replace about 80,000 SAWs (the M249 squad automatic weapon). 

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