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Chinese WZ-10 attack helicopters conducts live-fire training exercise at low altitude

The WZ-10 attack helicopters attached to a helicopter regiment of the airborne troops under the PLA Air Force have gained a live-fire training exercise in northeast China’s Jilin Province on June 14, 2017.

The exercise chiefly was focused on flying missions at low altitude and close air support. WZ-10 attack helicopters flown at an extremely low altitude over the terrain during a live-fire training exercise.

The WZ-10 is an advanced attack helicopter of the Chinese army. It can be outfitted with cannons and machine guns, as well as guided missiles. Upgraded versions of the WZ-10, however, have also been equipped for air-to-air combat.


Weapons of the WZ-10 may consist of 30-mm cannon, HJ-8 or HJ-9 anti-tank guided missiles (comparable to the TOW-2A), newly developed HJ-10 anti-tank missiles (comparable to the AGM-114 Hellfire) and TY-90 air-to-air missiles. It can also carry unoperated rocket pods.

This helicopter may be fitted with a fly-by-wire control, helmet-mounted sight for head-up display, television and forward-looking infrared sensors, radar and laser warning receivers, infrared jammer and decoy dispensers.

Photo by Deng Xiaoning
Photo by Deng Xiaoning
Photo by Deng Xiaoning
Photo by Deng Xiaoning
Photo by Deng Xiaoning
Photo by Deng Xiaoning

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